Side of ‘Sauce (About Me)

Here’s a little bit of info about me for those of you who came here on a sleepless night…

I’m a teacher/minister in Florida. They’re a pretty cool bunch. I teach English and Bible to teenagers, and I love working with today’s youth. In fact, my students are responsible for giving me the name “Kreitsauce.”

My wife and I are looking into adoption in the near future, so those of you who have advice on the subject, feel free to post.

I have earned Masters and Bachelors degrees in Biblical studies. That’s about all for now. If I think of something really interesting, I’ll let you know


9 thoughts on “Side of ‘Sauce (About Me)

  1. Kreit, I am more and more impressed with your writings. In fact I’m a little bit envious of your depth of knowledge and skill. I want to ask you a couple questions: but first a bit of background.

    I just turned 65 and retired, having sold my financial planning firm to a strong Christian and a good guy, who I knew would take good care of my clients.

    I became a Christian on Easter morning, 2001. I did not take education as seriously as you did, or I might have come much sooner. At any rate, I have devoted myself to learning all that I could since then, and all of the evidence supports a biblical worldview. In fact, I have come to view the Bible as a gift from God about all of life.

    Wanting to share what I had learned about that, I applied for and was admitted to Chuck Colson’s Centurions program – kind of a graduate-level worldview training program – and was commissioned as a Centurion last Sunday. If you’re not familiar with the program, go to and check it out. You might even want to consider joining the next class. You’d fit right in!

    During the last year, I have met some amazing people, including Chuck himself, Ken Boa, T.M Moore, Glenn Sushine, and in my class, D. Joy Riley, Christian Overman, and others. I’ve read and studied and prayed, and worked in the church as a small group facilitator.

    What I want to do now is serve in whatever way I can, but feel drawn to these things. I want to sponsor small events where we have structured dialogue about worldview issues. I want to use the best of L’Abri, the Clapham sect and other groups that want to change their local culture in positive ways. I’m also planning to go with other PFM volunteers to teach worldview to prisoners. And of course, I’m doing the blog, and may want to expand my writing to magazines, maybe even a book someday.

    My questions are these: Where do you get your graphics, what would you advise me to read, listen to, attend, or whatever, in order to become the best witness for the Kingdom I can be, and can we talk on the phone sometime to do a little brainstorming?

  2. The easiest way to get a lot of graphics for cheap is to go to .

    Serif is a great company with lots of royalty-free graphics. You can buy a CD with 30,000 pictures on it for something like 10.00.

    My best sources of information are on the sites from my “Blogroll”. I just do a lot of reading basically. C. S. Lewis, Dinesh D’Souza, John Lennox, and Ravi Zacharias are all amazing men. Many of the other websites have some great articles.

    It’s good to hear your testimony, and I wish you the best. May I also recommend reading a systematic theology book? It’s best to get into the Word before getting into some of this. Your previous studies no doubt will give you a head start. I’m very busy right now, but I might be able to work out a time to call later. Email actually works the best for me. Post your email address to this page. I won’t approve it as a comment so that it won’t be flying all over cyberspace or anything.

  3. Whoa! I never knew you were an obsessive compulsive blogger! I’ll add you to my rotation.

  4. Alas, I’ve been smitten with a love for argumentum ad nauseum. Good to see you blogging heavily yourself!

  5. tpitts

    Kreitsauce, rimshot, nimwit, the more I see this blog stuff the more I believe I need a cooler name.

    I am thinking of using a name given to me by a transient: PreachinPolice. What do you think?

  6. I think that sounds like a great idea, Travis. I’m just sorry it didn’t get to happen that way, but I know God has a plan.

  7. jackwellman

    I share a “press” too and I would rather call it WordPress, for it too contains The Word (John 1) which, chronologically, is the true beginning of things.

    Blind chance or Intelligent Design.
    It appears to be a no lo contendi.

  8. jackwellman

    Have you heard the rage? Ida is supposed to be the newest “missing link” {why worry about a missing link with the whole chain missing?]. Read for yourself the report on the link below.

    Parts of the report put it bluntly about Ida” Jenz L. Franzen, one of the scientists in the study, showed that some of the specimen is real, while substantial parts were faked to give an illusion of greater completeness. The report clearly says that “…parts of plate B were faked, including notably, hands and feet (where some proportions of constructions may have been based on reversed photos of A) and the tail vertebral column. Traces on the surrounding polyester resin background suggest that a cast of the tail of another mammal was inserted into plate B. Additional parts such as the vertebrae between sections 1 and 2 as well the nasal part of the skull on plate B were simply fabricated” [1.]. This reminds me of the Nebraska Man & the Piltdown Man, both exposed as frauds.


    The original scientific report is on-line at:

  9. Spener Barriball

    I predict you will adopt a boy…

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