Secret’s in the ‘Sauce (Testimonial)

Why am I here? Where did this world come from? What is my purpose? Is there a purpose? What happens when I die? These are just a handful of the host of questions most people face about life in general.

My life has been one of faith in Christ, but not blind faith. My faith has been challenged by doubt on occasion. I’ve doubted everything from God’s existence to my salvation to whether or not the Bible is true. It turns out that doubt isn’t a bad thing. It forces me to either find answers or give up my faith. I’m glad to say that I’ve found the answers I’ve been looking for every time I’ve dared to ask a question.

I have confidence in God’s Love for me because He sent His Son to die for me on the Cross. His death over 2,000 years ago- and His resurrection- led to the forgiveness of my failures. I’m so happy that in Him I live, and move, and have my being.

Here’s the great part, though. He wants you to know of His love and the Salvation He offers you. Believe in Him and trust in Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross, and He won’t turn you away. He’ll give you the answers you need to all of life’s difficult questions if you just ask Him.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you find Him!

PS- My students gave me the nickname “Kreitsauce” several years ago. I occasionally remind them that I’m not the source of all of life’s answers, but God dwelling in me (and all who come to faith in Him) is the answer to any question we have. The Secret’s in the (Kreit) ‘Sauce. It’s not the ‘Sauce himself that knows all of the answers…

I know it’s cheesy, but people who know me will tell you that that’s just how I am….

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